Dear Members,

There is so much good news this month that it could fill the newsletter. Many of us have been boosted with the booster - or have an appointment - our groups are meeting again, new groups are starting, the introduction of our first monthly meetings going hybrid were very successful, the autumn colours get better with every glimpse of the sun and our u3a is at the top of the list in the South West Region for having continued with monthly meetings and activities throughout the past 18 months.

 few u3as in the South West region have closed and a number have seen their membership halved. Some are still in hibernation. It is not a competition, but we can be deservedly proud of our Group Leaders and members for ensuring that we are once again an energetic and growing u3a. The u3a is run by members, not a committee and it functions well when members actively contribute. The committee is very grateful to those members who have volunteered for the numerous positions. The main vacancy now is for a Group Coordinator. There are more details in this newsletter, and I am sure that you will respond positively to this request for help.

In the past two months over 30 people have joined our u3a and a very warm welcome to you all. I hope that you have found groups to match your interests and made new friends or met old ones.

Most of our groups are meeting again. Two recently started are the Country Dancing and Kurling Groups. I attended the introduction to a kurling session at Somerford Keynes village hall and what a welcoming, lovely group they are. On my first few throws of the 'kurl' I thought, 'This is rubbish. I am rubbish', but by the third game I didn't want to stop. Did my partner and I win? It didn't matter because it was fun and satisfying to know that I was learning and getting the hang of hurling the kurl. A report from a member who attended the first meeting of the Country Dancing was that it was one of the best things she has done with the u3a. Both groups welcome new members.

The next group to restart will be the World Music choir at the end of November and a new group starting is a Bowls Group. More information can be found in this newsletter.

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to contribute to the running of the u3a, please do contact me or other committee members.

It is not easy to take on board, but Christmas is around the corner. I wish you a joyful and trouble-free festive season.

Anne Vadey – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are delighted to welcome 30 new members this month.