Hello Members,

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. There now seems to be hope of a return to some form of normality over the coming months and I have written a very tenuous road map for the re-opening of our u3a; this is printed in this newsletter.

Last month I said that the committee would be discussing the annual subscription rate for the year 2021/22. This was done at length with various scenarios being presented by our Treasurer, Robert Lang, to take into account the increases coming from National Office as well as the projected reduction in membership. The current amount going to National Office per member is £7.60; this is the latest figure after a gradual increase over the years during which time the cost to you has stayed level at £10. A reduction below the £10 would have impacted on our bank balance during this year making it harder to meet the National Office increase in 2022 which will be approx. 15%. Therefore, we have decided that the subscriptions should remain at £10 this year but there will probably be an increase to at least £12 for the year 2022/23.

Talking of membership subscriptions, of course the due date of April 1st is not far away and our Membership Secretary, Ian Harvey, has outlined the procedure for payment in this newsletter as well as directly to Group Leaders. Please, please try to be more punctual than in previous years so that it becomes a relatively straightforward job for Ian versus the tortuous, drawn out workload of previous years. Thank you.

The formal notification of this year’s AGM is also with the emailed copy of this newsletter so please put the date in your diary to help ensure we achieve a quorum to allow the AGM to go ahead. An important part of the AGM is to elect the new committee for 2021/22. Three current committee members are willing to stand for re-election, plus one will stand for a different role. Other members have expressed an interest in joining the committee but that shouldn’t stop more volunteering, especially as we are still at least one short, particularly for the role of Membership Secretary. Nomination forms accompany the emailed copy of this newsletter.

Recently I sent out a link to February’s National Office newsletter with a recommendation to sign up for your own copy. Apparently, this wasn’t too easy so here is a link which should lead you directly to the sign-up page on the National Office web-site

Enjoy the start of Spring!

Tony Natt – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.