Hello Members,

2021 has arrived, but unfortunately not yet heralding the improvements we had hoped for over last year. National lockdown 3 hit us right at the beginning of the year and seems to be here to stay for a while. So, we must pause in the gradual opening of our u3a. In the meantime, let’s increase our efforts to keep in contact with each other via video-conferencing, phone, email, etc.

Contact with each other is so important during this time, probably even more so than last year now that we are into winter and we have lost the warm days to sit outside or in the park. Certainly, the Tuesday monthly meetings will continue as will the virtual group meetings and maybe increase in number. Our committee will continue with its virtual meetings.

Please make every effort to keep in touch with other members, especially ones without access to IT facilities. If anyone needs help with contacting others, or with joining virtual meetings, please feel free to email a committee member and we can try to get you in touch.

One way of communicating is via this newsletter, so please keep articles, photographs, stories, puzzles, etc, etc, coming into our editors to ensure that we can keep the newsletter published each month. Without your input the newsletter cannot be published.

2021 is a year when three of the committee members (myself included) come to the end of their three years allowed in the role. This change will not take place until the AGM in May, but time passes very quickly and I would be very interested to hear from anyone who would like to be on the committee. It will be an exciting time planning our return to being a fully functioning u3a again, with the challenge of attracting new members and opening new groups to continue our long tradition of growth.

2021 also sees the Covid-19 vaccination programme get underway and hopefully many of us will be inoculated over the coming weeks. Eventually, this should allow us to get out and about a bit more, then maybe meet each other face-to-face, and gradually get on with our lives again. So I guess 2021 will be another strange year but at least, hopefully, we will be moving in the right direction.

On that brighter note I wish you all a very happy and safe 2021.

Tony Natt – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.