Hello Members,

Another 12-page newsletter last month, so thank you all…keep the articles coming in.

Last month I missed the very important announcement that Ruth Kelly had been co-opted onto the committee into the new role of Communications Officer. My apologies to Ruth. Her first task is to improve the profile of our u3a across Cirencester and surrounding areas and the first publicity event will be linked to the National u3a Day; please support her in this important endeavour on July 9th. Ruth will be standing for formal election into the role at the AGM.

Talking of the AGM, don’t forget to attend on May 18th, starting promptly at 2.15pm and then moving as soon as possible onto the speaker (Bill King about the Thames from source to Oxford). The Cirencester u3a financial statement accompanies this newsletter and other AGM documents are also available on our web-site, so please have a read before the AGM, then attend to give us a quorum. There is a full complement of nominations for all committee roles, and I sincerely thank all those that have volunteered to stand, even if it occasionally took a bit of gentle persuasion.

At the time of writing, 90% of you have paid your subscriptions for this membership year, which is a magnificent level compared with previously, but one that needs to be repeated in future years. Thank you all, but could the last 10% please respond?

As my 3 years as Chairman draws to a close, I must record my immense thanks for all your support, especially during the last 15 months of lockdown (40% of my tenure!). I thought the first 20+ months was going really well with a full strategy in place, membership increasing, numbers of groups increasing, and time to put my feet up for the final year. Covid-19 obviously had other ideas and the new challenge began! I must say that everyone has responded magnificently, from committee and non-committee volunteers to Group Leaders and members…a trying time, but one we have come through wonderfully well. I honestly believe we will bounce back quickly to full strength and continue to grow into the future once we are completely open. And that will not be too far into the future.

It has been an enjoyable honour to be your Chairman and I wish the new Chair and committee and you all my best wishes for the future of Cirencester u3a.

Tony Natt – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.