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From the Chairman

February 2018

If you are receiving this Newsletter by e-mail, it will be the first one which we have sent using the new Beacon system which we told you about in December. The Newsletter won’t look any different to you, but to our Membership Secretary, Richard Green, it represents a significant achievement, as he has spent countless hours setting the system up. We should all be very grateful that he has used his skills acquired in his former work situation to give us this system and his time and patience in moving us into 21st Century administration. It means for him that we can send out the Newsletter at the click of a button.

However, the benefits are not solely for him. All Group Leaders will shortly be invited to attend a demonstration to get them logged on to the system which will make their life very much easier. I have already been able to update my membership lists for Walking Netball and Literature 111 and it is both simple and efficient. Members also will have their own access to the system to be able to keep track of events and important contact details. We will also be able to easily give members updates on events which are happening via email.

We do know however that it is very annoying to keep getting unsolicited emails so we shall keep them to a minimum and hope that you take a look when you see them before pressing ‘Delete’! Of course we realise that around 25% of our members do not have email access so we shall continue to keep you informed via the Newsletter. However it would be helpful if you do not have access to ‘buddy up’ and ask a friend to let you know when something is coming on line.

Last month at the Internet Café we had a visit from the Fire Service to advise us on fire safety in the home. Their role is not just firefighting, indeed we were told that Cirencester no longer has a full-time maintained station. The number of fires has dropped significantly but prevention is always better than cure. We were informed that the fire service will visit your home for a free consultation to advise on possible risks. They also will visit vulnerable people and liaise with other social services where they believe that someone may be at significant risk.

There were quite a few embarrassed faces as we had to admit to some dodgy practices such as leaving the tea towel to dry over the oven door. He also advised that apart from the possibility of electrical fire, we waste a huge amount of electricity if we do not switch off electrical appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers at the wall. Apparently the advice is, if it doesn’t have a clock, switch off at the wall. And who would have realised the dangers of taking a soak in the bath surrounded by tea-lights! If they are not on a saucer the wax heats the metal container which melts the bath and drops down into your dusty area behind the bath panel causing a fire.

The National U3A website has some interesting events in March including a day at the British Library entitled ‘Vote 100, the journey to democracy’. There are some excellent speakers who are taking an unusual perspective on women’s suffrage. Also in March there is the annual Exploring Science lecture at the Royal Institution featuring some exciting speakers on measuring colour and the development of ‘smart materials’ which will transform our everyday life. This includes the development of riding self-fixing bicycles and driving on self-illuminating roads! Just go to and log on to events. The Summer School calendar will also shortly be available.

Liz Dancer

We are delighted to welcome a further 11 new members this month

Forthcoming meetings-

February 20th - Aurora - When the skies dance! The Northern Lights - Jane Davey.

March 20th - “Bring up the portraits” exploring Hans Holbein the Younger - Jim Cooper.

See the Events Diaryfor a more detailed list of meetings

Meetings held in the Ashcroft Centre, at 2.30 pm on the third Tuesday of the month unless otherwise stated.

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