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From the Chairman

As I write this piece, it is two weeks to the AGM. At that meeting we shall hopefully be appointing the new Committee and I have written the Trustees Report. When I look back over the last year it is a source of pride to belong to such a wonderful organisation as Cirencester U3A. Last year I stated in the Trustees Report that we had 655 members. Richard Green tells me that we now have at least 753 members. I say at least because Richard receives new applications on an almost daily basis. Given that we have lost a number of members over the year. This means that we have welcomed well over 100 new people. These new members have not only joined but have also started to actively contribute by starting new groups and two of them have put in nomination forms to be on the Committee. If we are to develop it is incredibly important that we keep alive the spirit of ‘Learners Teach and Teachers Learn’ which is not only the essence of U3A but also a means to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Jan Kidman tells me that we now have 51 groups with more coming on line. In the last year we have added two Latin groups, Spanish Improvers and German Conversation for the linguists, a Nostalgia Film Group, and a Yukele group for the music lovers and four activity groups - Walking Netball, Yoga, Table Tennis, and a second Petanque group. Thanks to all of you who have come forward to run these. Unfortunately, we have lost five groups and what is particularly sad is that in three of those cases it was not for lack of interest but lack of people coming forward to be the nominated leader.

This is my final piece as Chairman and so I want to say a personal, public thank you to all of the people who have given their time so cheerfully to serve as trustees. We have six nominations for the new Committee and it looks like an incredible line up of talent. I shall look forward to reading the newsletter in the future. Thank you also to all of those people who have run groups both now and in the last few years and to those people who have taken on other roles, particularly at the General Meeting.

Although I am bowing out of the Committee I shall still be around helping with the Internet Café, Cirencester U3A radio – it really is an excellent programme to listen to, and co-ordinating Walking Netball. I also haven’t forgotten the many people who keep asking when we are going to have another Ploughman’s Supper and Quiz. So, when I get myself into gear I shall put an announcement in the Newsletter for the Autumn. You will also see an article in this Newsletter entitled ‘March for Men’. I know a lot of people just look at their group report and no further but I would encourage you to read it, spread the word and hopefully we can get a group of people together to support an incredibly worthwhile cause.

And finally, a reminder if you receive this by email, that the AGM will start promptly at 2.15 pm. It has been a pleasure being your Chairman but I am definitely ready to move on and I wish the new Chairman and Committee continued success in the future.

Liz Dancer

We are delighted to welcome a further 22 new members this month

Forthcoming meetings-

June 19th - The Ifakara Bakery Project and the free bread funds - Margaret & Eugene Schellenberg

July 17th - The Gurkhas Bravest of the Brave - Brigadier Bruce Jackman

See the Events Diaryfor a more detailed list of meetings

Meetings held in the Ashcroft Centre, at 2.30 pm on the third Tuesday of the month unless otherwise stated.

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